WSOP Interview With Phil Galfond

An interviewer from Brazilian poker news and strategy site MaisEV caught up with online legend and CEO of Run It Once poker training site Phil Galfond during a break in the WSOP Main Event to ask Phil a few questions about his business, his still ‘in the works’ real money poker site, and his day at the Main Event.

When asked if running a successful poker training and strategy business has changed him as a person, Galfond says that he is pretty much the same person, but just one who has taken on a lot more responsibility and a little more stress, saying that having to deal with playing poker only was easy compared to running a business.

He elaborates by saying that he knows a lot of poker players who think poker is stressful but the demands of deadlines, meetings, and things you have to report to are a lot tougher. He does say, however, that despite the added stress that he finds it very exciting.

The interviewer went on to ask if Phil could give him an update on the progress of Run It Once poker to which Galfond answered, “I really want to”  but ultimately he declined to do so, saying that he has to be really careful giving estimates for dates (presumably as he has done so in the past, and the dates came and went). He did, however, acknowledge that people are “dying for updates” and that he feels bad for seemingly ignoring them.

With regards his biggest challenge in the business Galfond stated “learning to delegate more“. He said that when RIO was a small company he could get involved with every decision but that as the company has grown that he’s having to learn to trust other people more.

At the time of the interview, Galfond was still in the Main Event, although ultimately he busted not far off the bubble on Day 3.

Check out the interview in its entirety here:

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