Refer a Friend


How can I invite a Friend?

Its easy! Just tell your friends about our offers. You can do it face to face or via any of social media websites. Please ask your friend about his nickname on Poker website which he sign up through our link, thanks to your advice. Make sure that you will email us at Following email have to include:

  • Your Username from
  • Your Name and Surname
  • Your Skrill account e-mail
  • Poker Nickname of your referred Friend

As soon as he will start play with real money and his Nickname will appear on our monthly revenue raport, you will start to earn money!

How can I earn money with “Refer a Friend”?

If you invite your friends to and they sign up with our referal links, you will begin to earn rewards as soon as your friends start generating VIP Points.

Up to £200 in rewards for each referred friend!

  • You are getting £1 for every 10VIP points earned by your referred friend (up to £200).
  • You are getting 1VIP Point for each 10VIP points earned by your referred friend. That will help you to get to higher VIP Level and earn more revards such as VIP Freerolls and other promotions coming soon.

Where can I see my referred members?

You twill receive email from Team with details and full raport on that how your referred players was doing in previous month and how much money you have earned.

If you want to get this knowledge before end of month you can contact us and within 48 hours you will receive all the info which you need.

Paying out your “Refer a Friend” earnings.

Here you can payout the money you earned with our “Refer a Friend” program. You can either:

  • Buy poker tools software with Exclusive 30% discount (find it in Poker Tools tab).
  • Withdraw any amount above £50 directly into your Skrill account.
  • Use your money to settle new bankroll on one of our partner poker sites.