Whether you’re from America, Europe, Asia, or even Australia, chances are your heard of PPPoker. The online club-only poker room has been taking off since its release in 2015 and now services over 100 countries worldwide!

The online room has often been reported as a more profitable option for the players due to its non-traditional style: players must join a private poker club before they can play for real money!

The online games are more like home games, with each club in charge of cash-ins and cashouts. Players commonly access clubs via agents to these clubs via PPPoker agents. We are working under big and trused agent (More info in PM)

What you should know about PPPOKER

How can I register to PPPoker?

The application is available on PC, IOS, and Android. Just go to PPPoker.net to download.

How do I join a club?

Contact 4BetPoker by Skype or email to receive the best rakeback deals and access to several clubs from:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • International Clubs and Unions


How do I deposit and withdraw on PPPoker?

All deposits/withdrawals go through agents of the poker clubs. Our trusted agent (more info in PM) can ensure all transactions via Skrill / Neteller / Crypto / Paypal / PokerStars/ Partypoker safely, reliably and quickly.

What kinds of games are running?

Each club offers a wide array of different games and limits. Normally the rooms run games from NL40 to NL1000 and PLO40 to PLO2000. OFC and MTT are also commonly run, depending on the club.

What clubs does 4BetPoker have access to?

We have clubs all over South East Asia: Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia / India / Thailand and more clubs from USA and Canada

We are constantly adding new clubs to our database.


What’s the action like?

PPPoker started with live poker players signing up to play at their local home games and card rooms. Since then, the majority of players are inexperienced live players who want the feel of a home game in the palms of their hands. Therefore, there is constant (and soft) action from predominantly live players all over the world.


Does the app allow people to use a HUD?

PPPoker has a simple built-in HUD that tracks basic betting tendencies such as VPIP but other HUD’s are not natively compatible with PPPoker. 


Most importantly, what’s the rake like on PPPoker?

PPPoker uses a classic rake system. Clubs are free to set up rake % and cap.

Most of the clubs are using the following rake structures: 5% on NLHE and OMAHA and 3% on OFC. 3BB cap for regular games and 2BB cap for games over 200NL. 3-point cap for OFC.

Why should I register on PPPoker through 4BetPoker Agents?

Since PPPoker is an agent-based system you need to access the games through a reliable agent.

With its unconventional style, its no surprise PPPoker has grown to be one of the most popular sites in South East Asia and is continuing to spread all over the world. With a fair rake, good rakeback deal and a reliable agent, there’s no reason why you can’t be making some extra money on PPPoker.