New MTT Class “Flip’s Tips” to Start on TwitchTV this Saturday 5pm!

Starting from this Saturday well know Twitch Poker Streamer Joshua Kronberg will stream for American poker player is known on Twitch as “Flipaaaa“. He describes himself as a “grinder” rather than poker pro. But he do make living out of poker for a few years already. Sometimes he do mix poker streams with Heartstone which is one of his favorite games.

Flipaaaa will stream low and mid range MTTs. He will review most interesting hands and talk about few poker concepts. From this Saturday he will stream on his own channel withing “4BetPoker community“, which in the future will become platform for more excellent poker streamers. He will also put all most interesting hands together in one short video, which will be uploaded to Flipaaaaa and 4BetPoker YouTube channels.

Each stream will inlcude giveaways! Flipaaaa & 4BetPoker will giveaway poker gear from DGEN and RAISER Clothing, free poker bankrolls, poker books and other gadgets! To be eligible for giveaways you have to:

  1. Follow both Twitch channels (Flipaaaa & 4BetPokerTV)
  2. Follow both Twitter accounts (@Flipaaaa and @4BetPoker_com)
  3. Subscribe to newsletter (bottom left corner in the footer menu)

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