Michal Mrakeš from Czechia Wins partypoker LIVE MILLION Germany €1,100 Main Event

The Czechia’s Michal Mrakeš outlasted a field of 820 entrants to win the 2017 partypoker MILLION LIVE €1,100 Main Event for €200,000.

Mrakeš entered the third and final day in the chip lead among the 26 hopefuls remaining in contention. However, things did not start off well for the Czech as he lost his first five flips of the day and dropped into the middle of the pack.

Eliminations took place at a furious pace up until the final table bubble when partypoker-sponsored Pro Natalia Breviglieri eliminated France’s Nicolas Le Floch in 10th place for €8,000.

Germany’s Raul Cuc entered the final table with the chip lead, with Briviglieri, two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Eddy Scharf and Sonay Kehya very close behind. Meanwhile, Mrakeš entered the table near the bottom of the counts.

Three hours and the dinner break ticked by on the final table without a single elimination and Mrakeš slipping down in the standings. That all changed very quickly once play resumed after the break with Mrakeš taking charge.

Minutes after returning from dinner, Scharf eliminated Germany’s Frederic Femont in ninth place for €10,000 after his pocket eights held against ace-six.

Straight after this hand, Mrakeš won back to back hands to go from around 4 million in chips to more than 18 million.

Almost seconds later, Germany’s Sliverer was eliminated in eighth place for €15,000 when his ace-queen couldn’t out-flip pocket nines held by Sandro Pitzanti after both an ace and a nine appeared on the flop.

Mrakeš was back to business minutes later eliminating both Kehya in seventh place for €22,500 and Breviglieri in sixth place for €32,500 after his pocket kings held against king-jack suited and ace-nine suited in a three-way all-in before the flop, respectively.

In a blink of an eye later, Cuc was eliminated in fifth place for €45,000 when his pocket jacks were unable to hold against Pitzanti’s ace-six.

A few hands later Scharf (fourth – €58,500) was eliminated with pocket jacks after getting it on a queen-ten-seven flop and his hand unable to hold against the jack-nine held by Mrakeš.

At this point, Mrakeš had half the chips in play and play was paused while a deal was discussed. The trio couldn’t agree and play was resumed.

Mrakeš then put pressure on his opponent and extended his chip lead to a 3:1 advantage over both of his opponents combined.

Partypoker online qualifier Grzegorz Gosk was then eliminated by Mrakeš after his ace-five was unable to hold against king-nine. He not only collected €80,000 for third place but also banked another €20,000 for winning the partypoker sponsored last longer contest for another €20,000.

Another deal was discussed during heads-up play between Pitzanti and Mrakeš. However, Mrakeš with a 7:1 chip advantage quickly turned down any discussions.

Mrakeš then took down the title shortly afterward when his pocket eights flopped a set against the queen-ten suited held by Pitzanti, who took down the runner-up prize of €120,000.

€1,100 Main Event Results

Place Name Country Prize
1 Michal Mrakeš Czech Republic €200,000
2 Sandro Pitzanti Netherlands €120,000
3 Grzegorz Gosk Poland €80,000
4 Eddy Scharf Germany €58,500
5 Raul Cuc Germany €45,000
6 Natalia Breviglieri United Kingdom €32,500
7 Sonay Kehya Netherlands €22,500
8 Silverer Germany €15,000
9 Frederic Femont Belgium €10,000


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