Flip’s Tips #3 – Proper Range Aggression (4BetPoker MTT Class)

Twitch Poker Streamer Joshua Kronberg is streaming for 4BetPoker.com every Saturday. American poker player is known on Twitch as “Flipaaaa“. He describes himself as a “grinder” rather than poker pro. But he do make living out of poker for a few years already.

Flipaaaa just got his Twitch Subscribe button. Follow and Subscribe to his Twitch Channel for some extra features, custom emotes and more!

Check out latest 3rd episode of Flip’s Tips. You can watch all 3 parts on 4BetPoker YouTube channel. We will also replay Flip’s Tips on 4BetPoker Twitch Channel.

Flip’s Tips #3 – Proper Range Aggression (4BetPoker MTT Class)

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