Darryl Fish Wins WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship For $511,604

US pro Darryl Fish made a career high score last night as he captured the $3,500 buy-in WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship title for $511,604, taking his career live tourney cashes over $3.7m

Before claiming this title Fish had twice been runner up for a WPT Main Event title, earning $229,258 as runner-up in the partypoker.net WPT Main Event in November 2015 and $453,185 after finishing second in last year’s WPT Showdown Championship at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open – the venue which has now played host to the his biggest ever victory and earned him a spot in the WPT Champions Club.

The popular event attracted 911 entries which had been whittled down to a final table of six after four full days of play with Fish starting in third place with 5.9m chips behind France’s Ness Reilly in second with 6.3m and Russia’s Aleksandr Shevelev leading with 6.9m. Also in the mix were the USA’s Alan Krockey, Brett Bader, and 2 time WSOP bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger.


The first elimination of the final table came on the 19th hand. Alan Krockey had lost over half his day starting stack which had slipped below a million with blinds at 40k/80k with a 10k ante when he shoved from button after Ness Reilly had opened for 160k under the gun. Krockey tabled AcQs to Reilly’s KsKh. The king’s held and Krockey took his leave to collect his $104,784 paycheck.

Half an hour later Brett Bader joined Krockey on the rail when he lost a huge flip in a 10 million chip pot against Aleksandr Shevelev. Bader’s QsQd.was beaten on the Kd4d4c flop by the Russian’s AsKs. sending him to the rail in 5th place for $137,440 while Shevelev stormed into the lead with over 12m of the 27m chips in play.

Over the next hour Ness Reilly blew off most of her stack. First she lost 700k doubling through Andrey Frankenberger before mucking her hand in a +8m pot against Shevelev. She then lost another million chips without showdown against Darryl Fish to take over as the table short-stack. With blinds up to 50k/100k Reilly jammed her last 910k from the button with JsJh and Darryl Fish called from the small blind with AdTd. An Ace on the flop was enough to spell the end for one of the day’s early chip leaders as she tumbled in 4th, good for $182,249.

Three handed play between Shevelev, Fish, and Frankenberger lasted for over an hour before the shorter stacked Frankenberger finally lost a flip when his shove for 2.3m with 7h7d lost to Fish’s AcJc. after the board ran out 8d4h4cJd3s. Frankenberger picked up $244,342 for his 3rd place finish.

The road to heads-up play took less than three hours and it looked like it could be a short day at the office for the eventual winner. However, with heads-up lasting over four hours that wasn’t quite the case. To cut a long story short Shevelev started the end-game up 15.875 million to Fish’s 11.44 million but over the course of the epic duel the lead exchanged hands on several occasions. Things turned for the final time on the 206th hand of the match with Shevelev leading 16.5m to 10.5m. The Russian jammed with 3d3c and was snap-called by Fish who turned over 9h9c.. Fish got the double up to lead by 21.25m to 6.08m.

It was all over three hands later when Shevelev shoved holding KdJs and was called by Fish who showed AcTh. The board of Qc9d8dKcTd gave both players a straight but it was Darryl Fish’s broadway straight which won the pot, the match, and the title. Shevelev earned a career high $331,116 for finishing runner-up while Darryl Fish also snagged a lifetime best win of $511,604 and of course a coveted WPT title.

WPT $3,500 Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship Final Table Results

Position Player Country Prize
1 Darryll Fish United States $511,604
2 Aleksandr Shevelev Russia $331,116
3 Andy Frankenberger United States $244,342
4 Ness Reilly France $182,249
5 Brett Bader United States $137,440
6 Alan Krockey United States $104,784

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