4BetPoker Exclusive – Jaime Staples Interview!

Team PokerStars Pro Online, Jaime Staples is back to streaming on Twitch from his current residence in Cardiff, Wales. We asked him some questions about his past and his plans for future. You can read full interview down below:


Hi Jamie, how are you doing?

I’m doing great thanks for asking!


How you get into online poker?

I first started by playing playmoney for fun. My brother had more chips then me which I found unacaptable as any big brother would! Our brotherly rivalry resulted in a competition and I soon found PokerStars, started playing, learning and here we are.


What site you first started before you discover PokerStars?

This was back in 2009 when I started so Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars was where I played. It was pretty evenly split between the two of them.


What was your breakthrough moment when it comes to poker?

I finished in third place in the $3 Rebuy on a Sunday. That tournament dosen’t exist anymore but back in the day, it was a massive tournament. First was over 10K and 5th ended up being $2700. That was more money then I had ever had before and it really drove me to keep improving.


What was your motivation to keep playing, before you get your breakthrough moment?

The competition of poker. The ability to compete with other people but not be limited by my physical skills (or lack there of.) Instead we are limited by brain power and mental control. That was and is cool to me so I loved trying to figure it out.


Since when you consider yourself as a fully professional poker player?

The day I won that score I definetly thought I was a pro! I was not in hindsite haha. I think when I made poker my full time persuit and stopped going to school was when to me it became a proffesion. There is no universal rule for what and what isn’t a proffesional though. Its arbitrary. I havent had a Job since I was 18 so thats the last time I depended on outside income from poker.


What other games you like to play?

I like economy games or city building games but I don’t really play any games outside poker right now. I tend to watch games a bit though. Grand Theft Auto Races on youtube and Summit1G on Twitch playing a variety of games.


How you discover Twitch as a platform for streaming poker?

I was reading the 2+2 forums just under three years ago and there was a post from rumcakes saying that Twitch poker was a thing. I DM’d him and that was it haha. Tried it out, liked it, and went hard from that day forward.


Over the years, there has been few poker icons. Who would you consider as your “favourite player”?

Daniel Negreanu. He is the biggest name in poker, and has done a tremendous amount to help grow the game. That is putting his actual poker results aside which are of course extremly elite. I have so much that I could credit him for in my success, and so many more things I need to learn from him as I progress in my career.


Beside Chris Moneymaker, who you would give credit for “changing the game” or “having big impact in the poker world?

There is so many people that I could list here it’s just impossible. From a non industry perspective, the most important contributiion from a player since MoneyMaker or Negreanu would be Jason Somerville. He lead the way for a new generation of poker.


What you would change in the poker industry if you would have chance to do so?

Sometimes it can  be pessimistic. It takes some fresh air outside of the poker bubble to realize how much it feels like a grade 9 classroom sometimes.

For example it is considered by many people really uncool to wear any poker gear to a casino. That just reminds me of highschool haha. In the same way that golfers wear titleist golf shirts, it should be commonplace for poker players to have a sense of pride in their game. Whether that is a PokerStars shirt such as it is for me, or a shirt for their favorite streamer, or a tournament they went to, etc. It almost feels like there is this underlying lack of confidence in what it is we are doing. I hate that. Poker deserves better for the amazing game it is and I hope to change that over time.

Or for example the way poker players tell people what they do when they get asked. It’s typical for my fellow pros to avoid the question or to shy away from explictly saying what it is they do. I wish we had more confidense as a whole. The way to grow poker is not to keep it a secret.


What you consider as your biggest success till now, when it comes to poker?

Signing with PokerStars. That was the greatest day of my poker life. When I got into the game that was the ultimate dream to be one of those players on TV that was signed by PokerStars (or back then Full Tilt as well.) My greatest accomplishment in terms of actual poker results is not nearly as great. My biggest tournament score to date is 24K for a 5th place finish in the Sunday Warmup. I hope to improve on that over time and maybe my answer for greatest accomplishment will be different in a few years.



What was your second biggest defeat, after losing Heads Up with FlipAAAA? Joshua is working with us right now. He is streaming for 4BetPoker every Saturday and he produce videos called “Flip’s Tips”.

Haha I’m not sure! I try not to think about it. Onwards and upwards. Havent ever thought about that before haha.


Let’s go to questions which many are waiting for! How far away from winning bet with Bill Perkins, are You and Matt right now?

We are around 95 LB away with around 240 days remaining. We started at 171lb away with 365 days. Definetly on pace but lots of work still to do.


Are you positive about this bet? Do you think you guys will do it?

There is never a sure thing but we are taking it very seriously. We have a great trainer in Mike Vacanti which is a great source of knowledge, motivation, and someone to be accountable too. We are on pace, and monitoring our rate of loss very closely. I put the chances of success very high.


Why did you move to Croatia?

We spent 2 months in Croatia. It was an amazing place! I had heard good things from within the poker community about the place and decided it would be a good spot to play SCOOP and start the summer. I am so happy we were able to experience it. We could only stay for a max of three months because of immagration laws so on to the next location.


Where you will move after Cardiff? Any favourites?

A short stop in Cardiff Wales before onwards to Barcelona for the PokerStars Championship. British Virgin Islands is next in September for Streamboat 2017! Afterwards we have some things planned but they are still a secret.


What are your current goals for online & live poker?

I want to win a World Series of Poker bracelet. So I am doing everything I can to get better to give myself a better shot at that. When it comes to online poker I would love to win a SCOOP or WCOOP or Sunday Million title on PokerStars. I have never won a huge tournament like that so I am going to work very hard to make it happen.


How long you are planning on playing professional poker? What age do you think you will retire?

I have no clue. Whenever it is not fun anymore or something more fun comes along. I am having a blast right now so I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I dont think I wan’t to retire from ‘work’ ever. Maybe what the medium is will change but I like trying to accomplish something too much.


Ok, thanks for interview. Good luck for you! Live the dream!

Thanks for the opportunity! I’ll see you on Twitch this September for Streamboat 2017!


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